Heavy Fighters Practise 21/2/2018

SCA Heavy Fighting is more a concept, than a sport. It focuses on the intellectual abilities of it´s participants. Even troglodyts are able to hit each other with a stick, but only human intelligence is able to use the momentum of surprise, the practical use of Game Theory and imagination, as Peter demonstrates. Imagine him in shiny armor and with sword- than his lesson makes more sense, than this picture shows. So join us for discussion on heavy issues this Wednesday at HTC site.

Fighters Practise 31/1/18

“Make your opponent you pell”, was one of the remarkable lessons we were taught last time. Sammy and Alienor are still discussing, what was the exact meaning of this. Forxce your opponent to hunger himself down to the minumum weight? Put a car tire over him? Or just exhaust him by funny moves until he rests and holds still? Find out more at this Wednesday´s SCA fighters practice at HTC site, Vienna.

Fighters Practise 17/1/2018

While we are waiting for the return of Johnny, we continue our preparations for SCA Heavy Fighting Meadowmarsh Boot Camp. Training conditions seem to be excellent.
Until march we will be ready to sell our last barell of Schremser beer to train in a warm, dry gym under good light. So join us on Wednesday at HTC site!

Yussuf ibn Yussuf Memorial Banana Tourney


To the memory of our friend Yussuf ibn Yussuf (1973-2015).


The challenge is fought in pairs. Each Heavy Fighter has to team up with a have a non-fighting partner. It was first played at Parasol War III in 2016.

First each heavy has to fight a round-robin (best of 3). For each victory he or she shall be given one banana. In case of a double-hit both opponents shall be given a banana. If an opponent delivers a good shot at the legs but still looses the fight, he shall earn half a banana.

After the round-robin is finished, the non-fighting partner has to throw the earned bananas (or half bananas) into a basket. Each hit will be counted as a point, regardless weather it was scored with a full or half banana.

Winner is the pair, who´s scored best. If the score is equal, the result achieved in the heavy fighting round-robin counts. If the score still is equal, a duel between the fighting partners (best of 5) will decide.