Heavy Fighters Practise 22/8/2018

The SCA heavy fighters of Ad Flumen Caerulum are looking forward to the 500th fighters practise since the beginning of records in 2008. This Wednesday we will focus on the rules according to the SCA Marshal´s Handbook. We will repeat the most essential things in preparation for incoming authorizitions. So gear up and join us at the HTC site.

Heavy Fighters Practise 15/8/2018

WednesdayWisdom: After event is before the event. We have to repeat the lessons learned at Red and Gold and keep on getting better. Furthermore our friends gave us a riddle to solve: for what use is this banana sabre? Can you open a banana or a bottle with it? Was it taken from grandma´s rocking chair? So join us in exploring the benefits of this “weapon” (?) at this week´s heavy fighters practise at HTC site.

Event: Red and Gold 2018

See here our first pictures from Red an Gold and the Baronial Investiture of our noble neighbours in Knight´s Crossing.

In different heavy fighting scenarios and Arts&Science competitions the two parties Red and Gold fought under the witness of the new Baroness and Baron of Knights Crossing.



Heavy Fighters Practise 8/8/2018

Gear up for Red and Gold! This Wednesday is the last chance to check the equipment, develop strategies against overheating and tactical discussions. Meanwhile the avantguard will arrive at the battleflied in Knight´s Crossing. Have a good and save trip, see you there.