Fighters Practise with Duke Prothall

We proudly announce, that Duke Prothall and Duchess Cecilia come to visit the Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum and give us the honor of an extroordinary heavy fighters practise.

Satureday, 14th of October (will be declared Wednesday) 11 a.m. at our usual training space at HTC Site.

Afterwards we will take our friends on a tour through the Inner City of Vienna. Join us and have fun!

Training 27.9.

SCA heavy fighting with polearms in twilight

Could there be something more romantic than a rendezvous under old trees in the warm twilight of harvest? Yes, indeed. A Wednesday heavy fighter´s practise for example. So gear up for this week´s FP at HTC site!

Training 20.9.

Thinking over armor is one of the most rewarding intellectual activities, which heavy fighters can do. But all theoretical discussions lead into practical action. So please join us this Wednesday to evaluate new protection gear and show your partners mercyless all weak spots in their defense.