24/6/2020 Heavy Fighting Continues

Since restrictions concerning Corona (Covid-19) are laid back, it is possible to start with regular heavy fighters practise again, like the official Austrian Sports fencing association recently announced. Tackling, Wrestling and other close-combat techniques are forbidden bei our rulebook, so it shoul be possible to keep a minimum distance with temporary exceptions. Hygiene measures are still mandatory (washing Hands, avoid kissing&hugging etc).

We are glad that we can move again. So see you all at HTC site this Wednesday!

SCA Heavy Fighter Practise 3/6/2020

This Wednesday it is time to say goodbye to a very fine installation at HTC site. Our armoury had to be removed. Temporarily it is now to be found downstairs next to the stairs. We are looking for a new space for our bulk heavy fighting equipment.

Sports Monkeys decide to move some more lockers into that place. We dedicate this moment to the memory of Mischa Bürkner, who installed curtain and cardboard for us. May it serve it´s new owners well.

Heavy fighting will continue with tactical lessons and gymnastics als well as pell work. Still no close combat.

20/5/2020: Light Training for Heavy Fighters

We had plenty of time in the last weeks, to clean up the locker during lockdown. Authorities still forbid all close-combat activities, but we will start with some light Training this week. To be honest, it will be al lot of (physically distanced) socializing. The tavern at HTC site is already open, so let´s do some sight heavy stuff, pellwork and stretching. Hope to see you there, besause:

Ad Flumen Caerulum: All Heavy Fighting activies cancelled

Due to COVID-19 disease containment measures all heavy Fighting activities are cancelled. HTC site is completely closed. Now the single opponent left to fight is the epidemic spread of the virus. Discipline and solidarity are our strongest weapons. Take care of yourself, help those who are in need.

We will meet again when times are getting better. Good luck to everyone.
Yours in Service,

Flose Thordson, Knights Marshal.

11/3/2020 Heavy Fighters Practise

Proper distance is not only a good Fighting Concept, it also prevents infections. So stay healthy because of your good constitution, your freshly washed hands and avoid close combat. We will teach you some lessons how to do so. Yoin us for heavy fighters practise this Wednesday- it will be the last opportunity before Dudelsheim Boot Camp!

Heavy Fighters Practise 4/3/2020

Only ten days left until Düdelsheim Boot Camp in Meadowmarsh. For incoming authorizations we will start with a series of riddles. So take a look at these keen fighters. Everything seems to be perfect- really? Answers shall be given at this week´s Wednesday heavy fighters practise. So gear up and meet us at HTC site.

Heavy Fighters Practise 26/2/2020

Madness takes it´s toll! We send greetings to our cousins in Knight´s Crossing and wish the a happy Carneval season. We will stick to humourless, exhausting preparation for Düdelsheim Boot Camp. We have to compensate some cancelled trainings! So join our heavy fighter practise at HTC site on Wednesday.