Heavy Fighters Practise 14/11/2018

The fact that we hardly can´t see Gilbert is not due to our new lights at HTC site, but because of his increasing speed. So theories postulate, that he just want to spoils his energy to be earlier in the tavern. By the way: since the inn at HTC site is on holidays, we get our after-heavy-fighting pint in the Bowling Bar just around the corner. So  join us for Wednesday fighters practise!

Heavy Fighters Practise 7/11/2018

Thanks to the great enlightment at HTC site we can start our preparation for the next event: Boot Camp Düdelsheim, hosted by our neighbourgs from SCA Shire of Meadowmarsh (rumor has it, that they prepare as well under insufficient light conditions). So join us for SCA heavy fighters practise as every Wednesday!

Registration für Düdelsheim Bootcamp Meadowmarsh 2019 is open!

Winter Season started 1/11/2018

Three Cheers for Patrick Pernegger, the distinguished inn-keeper of the HTC Tavern „Shoot out“. Thanks to his initiative our humble flood-light was reinstalled. So the SCA heavy fighters of Ad Flumen Caerulum can keep up their training even in darkest winter time. We wish Patrick all the best for the winter season and promise to visit him at one of his “Glühweinstandl”s. Next Wednesday: Heavy Fighters Practise as usual.

Heavy Fighters Practise 3/10/2018

This Tuesday our good friend Yussuf ibn Yussuf would have celebrated his 45th birthday. We remember him as one of the best fighters and trainers we ever had in our shire. So tomorrows heavy fighters practise will be in commemoration of his efforts to teach us good blows (which were quite successful even in the long run). See you at HTC site as every week. We are sure, Yussuf will be there as well, somehow.