Heavy Fighters Practise 26/2/2020

Madness takes it´s toll! We send greetings to our cousins in Knight´s Crossing and wish the a happy Carneval season. We will stick to humourless, exhausting preparation for Düdelsheim Boot Camp. We have to compensate some cancelled trainings! So join our heavy fighter practise at HTC site on Wednesday.

Heavy Fighter Practise 15/1/2020

We are counting the days until the next upcoming event in Meadowmarsh, the Boot Camp Dudelsheim. We have to repeat some rule of the book, especially the “Kill from Behind”. If you want to learn how to perform this manoeuvre correctly, please join us this Wednesday at HTC site for the weekly heavy fighters practise in Ad Flumen Caerulum.

2/2/2020 Heavy Fighter´s Candlemass

SCA heavy fighters under flood light

When winter days are getting longer we will do an extraordinary Sunday special Heavy Fighters practise. Maria Candlemass gives us the opportunity for an relaxed day: practise, lunch and cultural program for special guests in Vienna .

Start: 11 a.m., HTC site (Vienna, Prater)

Registration and further questions: flose@fesch.at (Flose Thordson)

Sunday Fighters Practis with Aelric 5/1/2020

We proudly announce that 2020´s first heavy fighters practise will be unter the witness of Baraon Aelric of Battle. Our dear friend from the Shire of Meadowmarsh will visit us and teach us some lessons. So join for this extraordinary opportunity and see us at HTC site.

Sunday, 5th of January

Armor up: 11 a.m.

Afterwards we will crush in some taverns at the Prater, so stay hungry!