Special heavy fighters practise with Aelric of Battle at 12/1/2019

Big news! We proudly announce that Baron Aelric of Battle from the Shire of Meadowmarsh will visit us at Satureday 12th of January 2019! We are honoured of his visit and celebrate this with an extraordinary fighter´s practise at HTC site.

12th of January 2019
Site open: 10.30 a.m.
Practise start: 11.00 a.m.

Afterwards we will go for lunch at one of the finest taverns in the near Prater.

We owe Baron Aelric not only the annual Meadowmarsh Boot Camp at Duedelsheim  but also a very fine textbook about the art of heavy fighting: “Die Kampfkunst. Heavy Fighting in der SCA”

His astonishing fighting skills and his distinguished teaching make him one of the most important instructors oh heavy fighting. We very much appreciate his visit and heartly welcome him in Ad Flumen Caerulum. So join us and seize the opportunity of a unique heavy fighting lesson (by daylight!)

Event: Red and Gold 2018

See here our first pictures from Red an Gold and the Baronial Investiture of our noble neighbours in Knight´s Crossing.

In different heavy fighting scenarios and Arts&Science competitions the two parties Red and Gold fought under the witness of the new Baroness and Baron of Knights Crossing.



Meadowmarsh Boot Camp 2018 at Düdelsheim

The Bootcamp, hosted by the Shire of Meadowmarsh, has become the traditional beginning of SCA fighting season in Central region. In a very lovely way about 30 heavy fighters exchanged their practical experiences. HRM Lief and Sir Vitus tought basic, but very sophisticated movements for improving stances and essential body mechanics. Many fighters appreciated the rare opportunity of fighting small melee scenarios. Even a small fencing group could practise their skills.

Our Shire´s delegation also could proudly receive some awards from the hands of their Royal Majesties in the Royal Court. After an excellent and realxing feast we could close the day by singing the traditional Anthem of Dudelsheim (“Düdelsheimer Hymne”), which left tears in many eyes and more damage to the ears than any heavy fighter could inflict with his sword. Nevertheless we hope to be hosted also next year and express our deepest thanks to the event crew, kitchen staff and our trainers.

Yussuf ibn Yussuf Memorial Banana Tourney


To the memory of our friend Yussuf ibn Yussuf (1973-2015).


The challenge is fought in pairs. Each Heavy Fighter has to team up with a have a non-fighting partner. It was first played at Parasol War III in 2016.

First each heavy has to fight a round-robin (best of 3). For each victory he or she shall be given one banana. In case of a double-hit both opponents shall be given a banana. If an opponent delivers a good shot at the legs but still looses the fight, he shall earn half a banana.

After the round-robin is finished, the non-fighting partner has to throw the earned bananas (or half bananas) into a basket. Each hit will be counted as a point, regardless weather it was scored with a full or half banana.

Winner is the pair, who´s scored best. If the score is equal, the result achieved in the heavy fighting round-robin counts. If the score still is equal, a duel between the fighting partners (best of 5) will decide. 

Fighters Practise with Duke Prothall

We proudly announce, that Duke Prothall and Duchess Cecilia come to visit the Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum and give us the honor of an extroordinary heavy fighters practise.

Satureday, 14th of October (will be declared Wednesday) 11 a.m. at our usual training space at HTC Site.

Afterwards we will take our friends on a tour through the Inner City of Vienna. Join us and have fun!

Schwertkampf in Wien

Schwertkampf in Wien

Unsere Trainingslocation für den Schwertkampf in Wien liegt im bekanntesten Freizeitgebiet von Wien, dem Prater. Wien ist bekannt für seine Grünanlagen und sein exzellenten öffentlichen Nahverkehr, darum ist unser Trainingsplatz bequem mit den Öffis zu erreichen.

Instruktionen für mittelalterlichen Schwetrkampf

HTC- Trainingsplatz

Mit unserem Schwertkampf bereichern wir das Angebot des Hockey- und Tennisclub Wien und sind nicht nur in der dortigen Kantine gern gesehene Gäste. Schwertkampf und Landhockey haben viele Gemeinsamkeiten in der Schutzausrüstung und von technisch versierter Tennistechnik profitiert auch der Schwertkampf. Bequeme Garderoben, Duschen und Spinde sind ein praktischer Luxus, denn die Ausrüstung für unseren Schwertkampf können wir unkompliziert deponieren.

Schwertkampf in Wien: Bequeme Hutablage
Schwertkampf in Wien: Bequeme Hutablage

Während der Saison trainieren wir Schwertkampf bei Flutlicht auf Rasen. In den kurzen Wintermonaten weichen wir auf den Parkplatz aus und beweisen, dass Schwertkampf auch bei wenig Licht auf hartem Untergrund möglich ist.

schwertkampf wien
Schwertkampf in Wien sogar bei (rarem) Schnee

Schwertkampf ist für uns in Wien ein Outdoor-Sport, daher trainieren wir in Wien auch das ganze Jahr im Freien- bei angenehmer Luft, dichtem Schneetreiben oder feuchter Hitze testen wir unser Können und unser Material. Das angenehme Klima in Wien ist hier natürlich von Vorteil.

Adresse des HTC Wien:
Prater Hauptallee 123A
1020 Wien

Schwertkampf in Wien- hier gehts zum HTC Platz.

Jeden Mittwoch

Mittwoch ist für uns im Schwertkampf der Höhepunkt der Woche. Wir treffen uns abends in Wien am HTC-Platz und trainieren. Längst ist der Mittwoch zu einem unverrückbaren Feiertag des Schwertkampfes geworden. Nebenbei besuchen uns die Handwerker und Nähkünstlerinnen und -künstler von Arts&Science oder Schaulustige aus dem Bekanntenkreis in Wien. Gäste sind jederzeit willkommen!

Schwertkampf in Wien

Schwertkampf – Schnuppertraining und Leihausrüstung

Für Interessierte bieten wir jederzeit kostenloses Schnuppertraining und eine Leihausrüstung. Voraussetzungen sind keine zu erfüllen, beim Schwertkampf kommen alt und jung, sportlich und bequem zusammen. Wir strafen auch das Klischee Lügen, dass Schwertkampf (nicht nur in Wien) ein Männersport sei. Der Anteil an Damen beim Schwertkampf schwankt zwischen 30 und 50%.

Einsteigerinnen und Einsteiger ab 16 Jahren brauchen nicht mehr als bequeme Trainingskleidung für Draußen und festes Schuhwerk. Handschuhe und ein guter Gürtel sind von Vorteil. Gut geeignet sind Protektoren aus Kontakt-Sportarten- vom Wasserball bis Eishockey. 


Schwertkampf in Wien vor dem schicken Vereinsheim des HTC
Schwertkampf in Wien vor dem schicken Vereinsheim des HTC

Kampfkunst – Schwertkampf in der SCA

An dieser Stelle einen großen Dank an Aelric of Battle für seine umfassende Schrift zum Schwertkampf in der SCA. Wir stellen diese hier als Sondernummer des “Frankmarkt Express” der interessierten Leserschaft zur Verfügung.




Thanks to Lord Aelric of Battle for his compendium about the art of heavy fighting in the SCA (german only).

Schwertkampf Training Videos

Count Wlfric of Derneford, Bladeswift (Sweden) was so friedly to share his Training experiences with us. Watch his video clips on Youtube. Instructions are short, comprehensible even though the comments are Swedish. Time to improve your scandinavistic skills as well.



… to be continued.

Written instructions here: http://bladeswift.tumblr.com/

Thanks for the great support!


Goodbye to Blake – A farewell to Jaques de Sion


The first time, Blake showed up (it was a uncommon warm Wednesday evening at our training site, the HTC place), we were enthusiastic und had high expectations it the skills of a veteran from the Kingdom of the West, so we put him into our most comfortable loaner gear. He surely excelled our highest expectations.


For our lonesome and isolated Shire at the far eastern appendix of Drachenwald this import of knowledge and style became a rich source of inspiration at the right time. The Shire was at war with the powerful barony of Knights Crossing. We had to expect an invasion of the king´s finest fighters and were in desperate need for support.


The Holy Excel Sheet records for Blake 22 acknowledged fighter´s practises between 23th of July 2014 and 22nd of May 2015, in many of them he coached us. He attended trainings, whenever his obligations (work, women, whiskey) allowed it. Astonishing was his spleen to train in the same conditions as he was used from California. At least he agreed, that only bananas deliver the necessary energy for keeping the body warm.


Blake turned out to be a human battering ram, a cannonball disguised with a beard. His skills, developed in years of his national sport American Football, opened for us a complete new approach to melee scenarios (the Austrian national sport, as everybody knows, is chess, mainly played in smoked separees in coffee houses). It was honour (and great fun) for us to have Blake in the colours of Ad Flumen Caerulum at Parasol War and leading us to victory in the bridge battle scenario against an army of Drachenwald lead by the king himself.


In exchange for sharing his wisdom with us we tried to give him lessons about the fine nuances of Austrian humour. He will have to tell many things to the ethnologists back home at Berkley University.


We have to mention also his efforts in Arts&Science- a nearly hopeless enterprise to teach sewing to some barbarians, who just have started to use knife and fork. At least he gave us  an ideal for a true member of the SCA: hospitable, open-minded und willing to travel long distances.


It was more than overdue, that King&Queen of Drachenwald awarded his efforts with an AoA at Double Wars and we congratulate. So we ´ve got a Blake and send Jaques de Sion back to the Kingdom of the West. It´s hard to say goodbye. We wish him all the best.


P.S.: Always keep in mind: the groin is a regular target area.