Hunting Season XI 2.-4. Oktober 2020

Wir freuen uns bekanntgeben zu können, dass es auch dieses Jahr wieder eine Hunting Season geben wird – bereits die elfte Veranstaltung in dieser Reihe.

Auch diesmal haben wir wieder den Feld- und 3D-Parkours in Reichenau an der Rax für uns reservieren können und werden uns beim Flackl Wirt einquartieren.

Nähere Informationen und das Anmeldeformular finden sich auf der Veranstaltungshomepage.

2/2/2020 Heavy Fighter´s Candlemass

SCA heavy fighters under flood light

When winter days are getting longer we will do an extraordinary Sunday special Heavy Fighters practise. Maria Candlemass gives us the opportunity for an relaxed day: practise, lunch and cultural program for special guests in Vienna .

Start: 11 a.m., HTC site (Vienna, Prater)

Registration and further questions: (Flose Thordson)

Sunday Fighters Practis with Aelric 5/1/2020

We proudly announce that 2020´s first heavy fighters practise will be unter the witness of Baraon Aelric of Battle. Our dear friend from the Shire of Meadowmarsh will visit us and teach us some lessons. So join for this extraordinary opportunity and see us at HTC site.

Sunday, 5th of January

Armor up: 11 a.m.

Afterwards we will crush in some taverns at the Prater, so stay hungry!



Haben wir eure Aufmerksamkeit? Wunderbar!

Ad Flumen Caerulum lädt zu einem gemeinsamen Adventsamstag am 30. November 2019 ein. Geplant sind freundschaftliche Fechtspiele, ein gemeinsamer Besuch des mittelalterlichen Adventmarkts beim HGM in Gewandung, abendliches Keksebacken, spielen und plaudern.

Zu diesem Treffen bekommen wir auch Besuch aus unseren Grenzregionen (ca. 150% der dort ansässigen Adfluminions). Also kommet in Scharen and don’t forget the booze.


  • Samstag Vormittag: Fechten
  • Samstag Nachmittag: HGM Adventmarkt (Treffpunkt beim Durchgang in den Innenhof um 15:00 – gewandet!)
  • Samstag Abend: gemeinsames Keksebacken, Spielen (historische oder moderne Brettspiele) und Plaudern

Anmeldung für Fechten und Abendprogramm bitte unter moas.adflumen[at]

Review Red and Gold 2019

Thanks to the hospitality of our neighbours at Knights Crossing and thank you for hosting us at your great event! We gladly made new friends within the SCA and showed our progress in heavy fighting, archery and fencing. Highlight was the honor to participate at HE Baron Aelrric of Battle´s vigilant for the Order of the Pelican. Vivat to Drachenwal´d newest peer!

Barobrand Hissgant´s Visit

Thanks again to His Excellency Barobrand Hissgant for his efforts in teaching us heavy fighting. In our sports the permanent exchange with fighters from outside is essential. We very much appreciate the lessons learned and hope to proof our advances this summer.

9/6/2019 Heavy Fighting with Barobrand

We proudly announce the visit of His Excellency Barobrand Hissgant in Vienna! The Central Region Earl Marshal of Drachenwald will participate at “Heavy Scribing” and hopefully teach our heavy fighters some valuable lessons and share his knowledge practically. Thanks for coming all the way to our humble Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum!

So join us for heavy fighting here:

Date: Sunday, 9th of June,
Location: HTC training site
Schedule: Arrival and gear up from 1 p.m.
Inspection of arms: 2 p.m.

Dinner at the famous Luftburg Inn at the Vienna Prater.

Please contact us for reservations: