This was Hunting Season X

After torrential rains Friday afternoon made life difficult for our course designers Katharina and Iffeshain, Saturday morning greeted us with blue skies and brilliant sunshine. The picture-perfect autumn weather held all through Saturday and let us enjoy the day on the archery course to the hilt.

The morning was spent on a challenging field course – modified to offer such targets as the popular arrow-slit-shot from a steep, slippery slope (don’t hit the horse or the prisoner, though!), an assassin, a Skythian Stag and Ad Flumen’s obligatory banana tree. As a treat on the side the forest yielded a rich harvest of cep mushrooms and chanterelles which we later had for dinner.

After an enormous lunch buffet we tackled the 3D-course in the afternoon. Again parts of the course were modified targets such as a crocodile-turned-wyrm, a basilisk built from scratch or gentle Lady Anna whom we had to save from a couple of wild boars. There were also horseback and “flying carpet” shots.

In the end, our non-SCA guests were one step ahead. Harald took home the prize scroll with runners-up Karl and Gilbert de Gisbourne. Hungry from our exploits in the forest, we gathered for the evening’s delicious Hunting Pot followed by the award ceremony.

Many thanks to Katharina Woinovic and Iffeshain up Leannan O’Carolan for the course design, the special targets and the prizes as well as to Ute von Xanten and her assistant for the fabulous food.

Note: I have a lot more pictures of most participants. This is only a small selection. Please drop me a line if you want more pictures or higher resolution ones of yourself.