Meadowmarsh Boot Camp 2018 at Düdelsheim

The Bootcamp, hosted by the Shire of Meadowmarsh, has become the traditional beginning of SCA fighting season in Central region. In a very lovely way about 30 heavy fighters exchanged their practical experiences. HRM Lief and Sir Vitus tought basic, but very sophisticated movements for improving stances and essential body mechanics. Many fighters appreciated the rare opportunity of fighting small melee scenarios. Even a small fencing group could practise their skills.

Our Shire´s delegation also could proudly receive some awards from the hands of their Royal Majesties in the Royal Court. After an excellent and realxing feast we could close the day by singing the traditional Anthem of Dudelsheim (“Düdelsheimer Hymne”), which left tears in many eyes and more damage to the ears than any heavy fighter could inflict with his sword. Nevertheless we hope to be hosted also next year and express our deepest thanks to the event crew, kitchen staff and our trainers.