Heavy Fighters practise 25/5/2022

Flexibility is the base for a successfull heavy fighters practise

Heavy fighters practise means continuous training in different variants. Evasive actions start with footwork, but, as shown above, in certain situations hip and back are required. If you want to achieve similar results, join our weekly heavy fighters practise at the Prater Hockey stasium.

18/5/2022 Heavy Fighters Practise

Heavy Fighters wear sunglasses only for the breaks

The summer has begun in Vienna! This means increasing challenges for health and safety during heavy fighters practise. After half a year of fighting in the darkness, we have to adjust step by step. Wearing sunglasses in the breaks is ohen of these acclimatisation strategies. Wearing lighter armour would be another one, but thats no true option for heavy fighters. Come and join us at the hockey site in Vienna Prater area as every Wednesday!

11/5/2022 Heavy Fighters Practise

Our heavy fighters greenkeeper is quite skillfull as the mushroom harvest underlines

The summer is close in Vienna, what reminds us at https://parasolwar.wordpress.com/ At this event we will show our heavy fighter skills- so we have to train them until then! So join us at the lovely hocke site at Prater for heavy fighting und practise. Weather will be on our side (as usually)

20/4/2022 Heavy Fighters Practise

Drinking water during heavy fighters practise is often underestimated

Days are getting warmer, so the temperatures within armour rise as well. Keep cool, carry on and don´t forget to drink enough water. This gorgeous device was given as a token at Düdelsheim Boot Camp and one of the most handy devices ever. Thanks a lot, dear cousins from Meadowmarsh!

5/4/2022 Heavy Fighters Practise

Flying ist definetly an option in SCA heavy fighting

While days are getting longer and things are getting worse in the world, we try to concentrate for some hours on something different. Mayby not many people would call it “relaxing”, but we do. So we will get out heavy fighting gear and move to HTC place as usually on Wednesdays. Find us there and join us.

If you want to watch some videos from Boot Camp, just click -> here <-

Meadowmarsh Boot Camp 2022

Heavy fighters in melee situation
Heavy armored fighters in a melee situation at Meadowmarsh Boot Camp

It´s hard to describe the joy of attending a fighter´s event after two years of Covid plague. The Bootcamp in our friendly neighbourhood Düdelsheim in the Shire of Meadowmarsh is a traditional event for heavy fighting&fencing. Thanks to our hosts it could be held even under strict safety measures. The fighting activities took place at the local playground under best spring weather conditions. The presence of not less than the King himself, joined by four knights guaranteed personal advice for every heavy fighter.

The greatest fun at Meadowmarsh Boot Camp of course was the opportunity for small melees, where our Shire could once again proof the superior shield wall tactics from Ad Flumen Caerulum. Again we appreciated the rare opportunity to meet such an amount of courageous heavy fighters.

Thanks to our lovely hosts, including a tremendous kitchen crew and our personal event steward driver to the train station. We hope to pay it back at Parasol War in September. So register here now!

Even more impressions of Meadowmarsh Boot Camp can be found on our Flickr Account!
Watch heavy fighting and melee videos here.

16/2/2022 Heavy Fighters Practise

Heavy Fighter in armor hitting a pell

Pellwork is the most popular drill at heavy fighting. The opponent does not move nor hit back. It´s ideal to train new movements or improve striking techniques. There is a bunch of ideas to make this less boring, for example an obstacle. This tree simulates a nasty parry device. We had to wait for three years, but not this tree has grown large enougt to serve as a pell supplement. Come and try it this Wednesday at heavy fighter´s practise!

10/2/2022 Heavy Fighters Practise

Two heavy fighters in armor, one on his knees

Fighting on the knees is a very special situation and requires special skills. It is one of our goals to improve our variety of heavy fighters techniques before Meadowmarsh Boot Camp. Fighting in different situations and styles is part of our preperation program. So join our heavy fighters of Ad Flumen Caerulum at the lovely site of HTC at the Vienna Prater!