22/9/2021 Heavy Fighters Practise

Heavy Fighters at Sunset

It´s always great to have a goal- even if it seems far away. Yet it is not unreachable. For example the next event. Since Covid-19 we faced harsh restrictions, that all might be gone by next year. So we can think of a lovely, traditional event at the Shire of Meadowmarsh: Boot Camp XIV (at Düdelsheim /GER) was just announced. It will require all of our skills, but it is still enough time for excessive exercise. Join us this Wednesday for heavy armored fighters practise!

23/6/2021 Damage Assessment at Training Site

Still no heavy fighters practise at our training site. The hockey clubhouse is sevrely damaged. As reported, nobody was seriousely hurt. Our heavy equipment was stored in the basement and safe. Only our coats, gambesons an brigantines are burnt rags. But: site will be reopend for training, so stay alert for next Wednesday, when we hit back!

2/6/2021 Heavy Fighters Practise

Since we have again the possibility for Heavy Armored Combat training, our weekle Wednesday fighters practise will take place again. It´s time to test some newly designet thrusting tips. To quote Society´s Marshal Handbook (VII. B. 5):

“When thrusting tips are used, they shall be at least the same diameter as the shaft of the
weapon they are mounted on and have at least .75 inch (19.1 mm) of resilient material
in front of the rigid tip of the weapon providing at least .375 (that is, 3/8) inch (9.53
mm) of progressively resistant give across the face of the thrusting tip. (Note: Pressing
with the thumb into the center of the thrusting tip is not an adequate test. The give must
be across the entire face of the tip.)”

Let´s see, how this one will work. You are welcome to join us at HTC site and give it a try!