Special heavy fighters practise with Aelric of Battle at 12/1/2019

Big news! We proudly announce that Baron Aelric of Battle from the Shire of Meadowmarsh will visit us at Satureday 12th of January 2019! We are honoured of his visit and celebrate this with an extraordinary fighter´s practise at HTC site.

12th of January 2019
Site open: 10.30 a.m.
Practise start: 11.00 a.m.

Afterwards we will go for lunch at one of the finest taverns in the near Prater.

We owe Baron Aelric not only the annual Meadowmarsh Boot Camp at Duedelsheim  but also a very fine textbook about the art of heavy fighting: “Die Kampfkunst. Heavy Fighting in der SCA”

His astonishing fighting skills and his distinguished teaching make him one of the most important instructors oh heavy fighting. We very much appreciate his visit and heartly welcome him in Ad Flumen Caerulum. So join us and seize the opportunity of a unique heavy fighting lesson (by daylight!)

Heavy Fighters Practise 3/10/2018

This Tuesday our good friend Yussuf ibn Yussuf would have celebrated his 45th birthday. We remember him as one of the best fighters and trainers we ever had in our shire. So tomorrows heavy fighters practise will be in commemoration of his efforts to teach us good blows (which were quite successful even in the long run). See you at HTC site as every week. We are sure, Yussuf will be there as well, somehow.

Fighters practise 27/6/2018

The painful desire for refreshment is the best proof for an acknowledged heavy fighter practise at HTC site on a hot summer evening. Congratulations to our heat and heavy fighters, who where keen enough to resist the hottest day in Vienna. This Wednesday temperatures should be more reasonable, so don´t be afraid and join us for our weekly SCA  fighters practise.

Fighters Practise 30/5/2018

The disappearance of “spring” season in Vienna is currently discussed amongst climate scientists. As a matter of fact also the spring season 2018 was cancelled and summer started without any warning. Best conditions for the Summer Bash preparation. At this opportunity we remind of the legandary “Summer Bash 2015”, when we visited our friends at Turmstadt. There are some pictures left. Mayby we can tell you some stories about the old times next Wednesday at our fighter´s practise at HTC. (Shhht: Some VIP-guests are expected to show up…)