Heavy Fighters Practise 15/11/2023

Heavy Fighters practise is not limited to a certain season. Mild temperatures and a brand new light equipment will make our training as comfortable as possible.

Since the field hockey & tennis season is overm we are the single rulers of the hockey site. So join us for our weekly heavy fighters practise as every Wednesday!

2023/09/20 Heavy Fighters Practise

Heavy fighters drill for getting into range

Autum brings back excellent training conditions for our keen heavy fighters at Ad Flumen Caerulum. So pick up your gear and join our weekly heavy fighters practise at the Prater, enjoy the seasonal mood, the companion of fellow heavy fighters and of course the hospitality of Sascha, the most Viennese innkeeper of Vienna.

2/8/2023 Heavy Fighters Practise

Heavy fighters practise in Vienna

A warm welcome back to our travelling heavy fighters, who attended Red&Gold. We are convinced, that our heavy fighters practise efforts paid back. So we are looking forward to news from our neighbourghood, good adviced for further practise and exciting stories from abroud. See you as every Wednesday at the Vienna Hockey stadium in the Prater.