Eggenburg Medieval Festival

Eggenburg Heavy Fighters Demonstration


The Heavies of Ad Flumen Caerulum were proud about the invitation to Austria´s largest medieval event, the “Zeitreise ins Mittelalter”. We used the opportunity to present our sport to an enormous and excited audience.

The Eggenburg feast has to be explained to readers who haven´t it attended yet (you better do!). We are talking about a sleepy nice city in the north east of Austria with a lovely and picturesque old town centre. Once a year this town turns for two days into a madhouse of medieval enthusiasts, actors, merchants, musicians and 30.000 visitors. The infrastructure behind the scenery is impressive as well: 600 actors are fed by an own catering team, more than a hundred of merchants and crafters show their stuff in every street and close. The organization team is a non-profit club, nobody of this team is paid for his or her work.


Thanks to this year´s general motto “Fascinating Middle Ages” amateur groups were invited to show their approach to former times. Craftmanship, cultural studies, a medieval science slam and of course a lot of stage fighting were showed.

So we did the common thing: show&tell, explaining rules and equipment, public heavy fighting and passing flyers to the excited audience. Maybe they were just excited because we felt the break before the Knight´s Tourney with professional stunt riders, but anyway: people took the opportunity to swing a rattan weapon, lift a helmet or convince themselves, that it´s not only a lady´s sport but also entertaining for men.


We hope to see some people we had the pleasure to talk with at one of our next Wednesday trainings.


Check out about Eggenburg 2016, we will try to be there: