Hartung Fest III

Hartung Feast III

15.01.2011 – Ad Flumen Caerulum – Austria

Slowly spread the news in winter, when the rivers are frozen and the snow covers our lands. So we will feast and invite the populace of our belovead Kingdom to do so with us. What is en vouge in court these days? What was the coronation like? Who were the winners of the last tourneys. What are the news within the boundaries of the lokal branch?

While the cooks prepare everything for the evening, the guest may play different games like four seasons chess, pochen, tablero … – or you also may work on your latest A&S-project.

Later on there will be some conversation, some music, some fun, and a lot of food – it is winter and it is our „Hartung Feast“ …

Event Steward:
Lord Arnulf der Zeilner (Arnulf Zeilner)
Herrnleis 54
A-2126 Ladendorf
Phone: +43 (0)676 424 98 61
e-mail to Arnulf der Zeiler

Head Cook:
See Event Steward.

Site Address:
Herrnleis 54
A-2126 Ladendorf
See: here (google maps)

Site opens Saturday 15.01.2011 15:00
Site closes Saturday 15.01.2011 24:00

To make your reservation send an e-mail to schandmail-sca@yahoo.de

Driving instructions follow with the confirmation of your reservation. We also provide a shuttle service from the Ladendorf train station.

Limited crash space may be available on request. If you want to stay for the weekend, please send a note that we can try to make some arrangements.

Payment information and Event fee:
Babies (up to 4 years) free,
minors (5-12) 5,- Euro,
others 10,- Euro

including feast and some non alcoholic drinks (like water, tea, some cordials). The site is wet.

Please send us any dietary restrictions in advance.

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