Meadowmarsh Boot Camp 2022

Heavy fighters in melee situation
Heavy armored fighters in a melee situation at Meadowmarsh Boot Camp

It´s hard to describe the joy of attending a fighter´s event after two years of Covid plague. The Bootcamp in our friendly neighbourhood Düdelsheim in the Shire of Meadowmarsh is a traditional event for heavy fighting&fencing. Thanks to our hosts it could be held even under strict safety measures. The fighting activities took place at the local playground under best spring weather conditions. The presence of not less than the King himself, joined by four knights guaranteed personal advice for every heavy fighter.

The greatest fun at Meadowmarsh Boot Camp of course was the opportunity for small melees, where our Shire could once again proof the superior shield wall tactics from Ad Flumen Caerulum. Again we appreciated the rare opportunity to meet such an amount of courageous heavy fighters.

Thanks to our lovely hosts, including a tremendous kitchen crew and our personal event steward driver to the train station. We hope to pay it back at Parasol War in September. So register here now!

Even more impressions of Meadowmarsh Boot Camp can be found on our Flickr Account!
Watch heavy fighting and melee videos here.