20/10/2021 Heavy Fighters Practise

Heavy Group Training

The large the group, the more fun for every induvidual! Heavy Fighting derives it´s attraction from the variety of fighters. Smaller, faster, stronger, less experienced one- everybody can learn something. Either you improve your skills with better opponents or you learn to analyse your own movements by explaining them to new members. Or you simply change eapons and learn, how to fight different. Our weekly Wednesday heavy armorde combat trainign allows all kinds of experiments. So come and join us at the lovely HTC training site!

13/10/2021 Heavy Fighters Practise

New heavy fighter

One of our most motivationg moments is, whren we can attract new people to our noble sport. SCA Heavy Armored Combat requires not only a certain mindset, but also proper equipment. That is the most common obstacle: what loaner gear can we provide (it never fits in the first time)? What training site can we offer (burnt ruins, dirty toilet containers)? What society are you gettin in touch with (here we have our most important strengt!). We will do our best to keep enthusiasm alive over the weeks and we are looking forward to ambitious and developing heavy fighters! So join us this Wednesday for our weekly fighters practise an be part of our great hobby!

22/9/2021 Heavy Fighters Practise

Heavy Fighters at Sunset

It´s always great to have a goal- even if it seems far away. Yet it is not unreachable. For example the next event. Since Covid-19 we faced harsh restrictions, that all might be gone by next year. So we can think of a lovely, traditional event at the Shire of Meadowmarsh: Boot Camp XIV (at Düdelsheim /GER) was just announced. It will require all of our skills, but it is still enough time for excessive exercise. Join us this Wednesday for heavy armored fighters practise!