This was Parasol War IV

Parasol War IV (28th of April – 1st of May 2017) is over. We proudly announce, that the fierce party of Drachenwald´s most noble warriors managed to solve the quest for the lost sunshade and made it back alive to their realms. Regardless of evil villains, ambushers and cursed defenders everybody made it home savely.

But not only the fighters had a lot do – there was also a largesse competition for which various beautiful items were contributed. The largesse items are currently on their way to Double Wars where they will be handed over to the crown. The archers had the opportunity to wield theirs bows, and in the evening the great hall was filled with candlelight and music for the dancers.


We would like to thank all our guests- some of them had a really long way to visit the beautiful Castle of Albrechtsberg in Lower Austria. May they tell the known world about Austrian hospitality and the most impressive work of our cooks. Their incredible work made Parasol War once again unique event.